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We provide the most elite yet affectionate pups.

Buying a pup doesn’t mean you have to handle a process full of tension and anxiety. At “A Girl’s Best Friends Pups”, you can find your best friend with ease and clarity. We are dog lovers committed to connecting pups to the most responsible and caring families. We strive to maintain the highest standards with our puppies and make all efforts possible to improve the lives of our beautiful furry puppies and owners who become part of our team. We believe the process of getting a pup should be hassle free and enjoyable. So, relax, you’ve come to the right place!

We are a small family who absolutely are in love with Basenjis. We love, care, hand raise and dedicate ourselves to ensuring your pups has everything it needs to grow into a beautiful adult Basenji. They are not just Basenjis, they are family.


To improve the lives of our pups and their families by providing them with elite care, a calm environment, love and security. Our mission is to be one of the most preferred puppy breeders. We are dedicated to offering our furry friends a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

Africanadian Basenjis in Canada

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To be the leading and the most preferred choice for puppy families period. “We believe we will achieve our goal through dedication, hard work and love for our pups, and of course, you.”