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Basenji Puppy Breeders in Ontario, Canada

Want to have the cutest fluff of pure happiness? You have come to the right place! We are “A Girl’s Best Friend Pups”, the most trustworthy Basenji breeders in Ontario. We understand that you have been searching tirelessly by Googling for “Basenji dog breeders near me”. Your search ends with us. We have pure-bred Basenji puppies who would be thrilled to find their forever homes. And you can be at ease knowing that your fur friend is the most exciting bundle of joy. 

Puppies are Girls Best Friends - Better Than Diamonds

At “A Girl’s Best Friend Pups”, we prioritize healthy breeding of Basenji puppies in Ontario. We rigorously check our adult Basenjis for any potential genetic efects prior to breeding. We call ourselves Basenji lovers rather than experts. Because we see them as a family and every family that opts for these loving companions as a part of ours.

Introducing Basenjis

Before you get a Basenji (best known as the “barkless” dog) in your family, you must understand their breed and their typical characteristics. Apart from the obvious fact that they are cute, they are well-known in Africa for their hunting skills. The locals consider them extremely intelligent species, with the ability to make smart decisions on their own. The Basenjis are an energetic breed and come in a few various colors: red, black, tricolor, and brindle. 

Basenji History

Unlike many Western breeds, these are a naturally found dog species. They partnered up with humans long before the Egyptians built the Pyramids. During the 1930s, the explorers brought the breed to England for breeding purposes. Today, you can find them in many homes looking for an extremely active companion. Learn more.

Puppy Breeders

Being one of the renowned Basenji breeders in Ontario, Canada, we take special care of all our fur babies so that they have the best characteristics and prime health. If you want a Basenji or hypoallergenic dog, approach reliable puppy breeders near me. We take utmost care to follow healthy breeding practices. Moreover, we maintain the lineage to get pure-bred Basenji puppies for sale in Ontario. Read more.

Mandalay Basenjis

Looking for Basenji or Hypoallergenic Dog?

Finding reliable Basenji breeders in Ontario is the first step in welcoming a pup into your home. At “A Girl’s Best Friend Pups”, we make the process extremely easy by alerting you of availability well before they are ready for you to take home. This lets us understand your requirements and select a suitable puppy that matches your energy.  We clearly brief you on all the distinct characteristics of a Basenji. They have a unique temperament and require heavy socializing in the early stages. Or, they might become extremely protective of their family. Talk to us and understand the responsibilities of a Basenji parent! 

Where Can I Get a Basenji Pup in Canada?

You can get a purebred Basenji from us. Yes! Being one of the most popular Basenji breeders in Ontario, Canada, we pride ourselves on breeding elite and affectionate dogs that fit seamlessly into your home. Visit UPCOMING LITTERS to take a closer look at your future puppy!


To improve the lives of our pups and their families by providing them with elite care, a calm environment, love and security. Our mission is to be one of the most preferred puppy breeders. We are dedicated to offering our furry friends a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

Africanadian Basenjis in Canada

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Buying a pup doesn’t mean you have to handle a process full of tension and anxiety. At “A Girl’s Best Friends Pups”, you can find your best friend with ease and clarity. We are dog lovers committed to connecting pups to the most responsible and caring families. “A Girl’s Best Friend Pups”, is one of the best Basenji breeders in Ontario, Canada with several years of experience.

We operate as a family and educate you about inviting a Basenji pup into your home. We offer Basenji pups, Mandalay, Bushwacker, and Africanadian Basenji pups at affordable fees! We strive to maintain the highest standards with our puppies and make all efforts possible to improve the lives of our beautiful furry puppies and owners who become part of our team. We believe the process of getting a pup should be hassle free and enjoyable. So, relax, you’ve come to the right place!

Basenji dogs are perfect choice for family who has some time, has allergies, needs a family pet, short haired dogs and needs no noise a barkless dog. Basenjis are a breed that require someone to walk them twice a day for 20 minutes minimally. The more attention you give your Basenji Pup the better adult dog it will grow into. If you feel you fit the profile perfectly, contact us today!

Basenjis make amazing family dogs with an average lifespan of around 13 years. They are compact but extremely energetic and have a very low tendency to bark. Plus, they don’t need excessive grooming. All they need is enough exercise and a washcloth to keep them active and clean.

  • Create a safe environment for your Basenjis as they tend to bite on almost all new objects.
  • Dedicate a crate or segment in your room as a safe retreat for your dog.
  • Visit the veterinarian regularly and get the immunizations on time.
  • Follow a healthy diet since Basenjis are prone to obesity.
  • Trim the nails of your Basenji every two weeks.
  • Socialize the Basenji from a younger age to instill sympathetic characters.

Training a Basenji dog can be a little tricky. We advise you to do it during the earlier years to curb the disobedience they naturally have. Unlike typical domestic dog breeds, these are extremely smart in that they do what’s best for them and not for you. They can make independent decisions and to live comfortably in a home, you need to provide them with basic household obedience training.

We, at “A Girl’s Best Friend Pups”, encourage you to find trainers who use positive reinforcement techniques. Harsh training methods only impart negative traits that come out at some point.

  • Go for the puppy that you have the best connection with. You will know when you see them.
  • Evaluate them individually to see how they react.
  • Be upfront with your breeder about other animal you might have at home, so they can help you select the right puppy.

If you are still unsure, you can readily contact us, one of the best breeders in Ontario, to educate you about temperament and choosing the right Basenji for you.

Searching for Basenji dog breeder near me will give you a list of professional Basenji breeders in Ontario. Dog breeders must follow ethical practices that lead to healthy breeding. This creates dogs that are sound in body and mind.

Ethical practices ensure breeders refrain from breeding dogs with health concerns, temperament disorders, and other such negative traits. We regularly provide veterinary care for the sire, dam and puppies. 

The following are some steps you should take in order to find an accountable breeder.

  • Research the breeder before asking for a puppy.
  • Know about their breeding practices.
  • See if they have a passion for helping dogs in the community.
  • Reach out to their puppy families and check whether they educate the family prior.
  • Schedule a visit before buying a puppy from them.

Wondering where to get a Basenji dog for sale? Visit us and get to know our fur babies. With ethical practices and a passion to pick the right family, we always ensure our puppies are going to the perfect home.