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Why 90% People can’t believe Basenji-Bark less Breed?


Most people can’t believe it when they hear that the Basenji-bark less breed.

Basenji-bark less breed

I receive many questions and suspicions regarding basenji-bark less breed. For those of you who are stumbling across our social media site and
finding out about us for the first time, we are a small family Basenji breeders located in Mississauga,

We have five adult Basenjis and usually have a few litters a year. All the puppies are raised in
our family home with my three children and family members.
We have been breeding for many years now, but as a child I was also very involved in my Grandparents
farming lifestyle which included breeding St. Bernard’s. Many years later I assisted some family friends
with their Yorkie’s whelping and puppy rearing time.

One of their females had a difficult time feeding the puppies and I have many fond memories of bottle-feeding small puppies late into the night, daily. I
love all dogs and animals, but I have a special place in my heart for Basenji’s.

I am biased but I like to say dog breeding is in my blood, as I was literally raised around it, and the Basenji’s have made a special
place in our family and hearts.
As we were discussing above, the Basenji-bark less breed is different from other in many ways, but today
we are focusing on the Basenji-bark less breed to fame that this has established online. Many of my
families tell me that they have never even had the chance to meet a Basenji in person because the
breed is so rare in Canada and difficult to find.

You would be hard pressed to find a Basenji breed walking on the street or at your local dog park. We are working to change that and share our love of Basenji’s with the rest of Canada and eventually, the world.
In regards to the basenji-bark less breed, this is partially true. The Basenji has a different shaped larynx then
most dogs.

In the Basenji-bark less breed the area where the larynx is located is much more shallow than other
domestic dogs.

This then limits the movement of the vocal cords which is most likely to be the underlying reason that the Basenji’s do not bark like most other breeds.

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However, a lot of this research is inconclusive. There have been other studies that point to other studies stating that these superficial
changes in a Basenji’s larynx are not enough to actually stop the dogs from barking, but it may only make the sound of their bark different then other dogs.

Most people agree that through selective breeding the barking gene has become less prominent in the

Basenjis and because this breed is native to Africa and considered a bush dog and a hunter by nature,
they are able to utilize their voices or not use their voices when needed.

Generally, the dog is quiet. Most wild Basenji’s would hide in the bushes while hunting their prey, so they tend to communicate in
other ways, so they don’t alert their prey of their presence.

Which would mean that even though some
Basenji’s do have the ability to bark but in a slightly different tone then other dogs, they don’t consider
it important enough to use it often.

However, this does not mean that Basenji’s are silent all the time. Most Basenji’s can occasionally be
heard howling or sometimes growling to communicate their love and admiration for their mom or dad.

Communication is said to be 55% nonverbal, 38% vocal and 7% actual words in humans. With a Basenji’s
high intelligence level, they find other ways to communicate other then barking, thus making their
owners really pay attention when they do decide to use their voices.
With a Basenji you get to enjoy all the amazing qualities we all love in a dog such as long walks, cuddles
on the couch, communicating with our furry friend, unlimited love, and many more amazing qualities.

But we get to skip out on some of the frustrating qualities we can sometimes experience in dogs such as:
incessant barking, a strong smell after a bath or coming in from a rain shower, shedding, consistent
grooming, and care, etc.

Owning a Basenji-bark less breed is a long-term commitment, if you’re ready to make the
commitment today please reach out to me at:

Please follow us for latest updates for basenji breed on social media @,,


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