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Is the Basenji Dogs Hypoallergenic or not? I have heard a lot of controversy on this topic.


Some will say the Basenji Dogs are Hypoallergenic and some say it isn’t. When we look at the definition of Hypoallergenic it says” relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.” This means that the Basenji is most likely to not cause a reaction. As a low shedding dog and low maintenance pet, the Basenji has only one coat of fur instead of two and therefore doesn’t “blow their coat” every season like some dogs do.

This also means that the Basenji doesn’t have as much protection from the Winter weather as a dog like a German Shepard or Golden Retriever does.

So, this is a breed that needs to be dressed warmly in the winter in clothing like jackets, sweaters, boots, and other clothing that can keep the Basenji warm. Which is a plus for any dog owner, because we all know the buying cute dog and puppy clothing is one of the best parts of owning a pet!

However, for the owners benefit they will barley ever have to vacuum or clean up hair from their furry friend. They also should have little to no reaction from the Basenjis fur as the shedding is low and there is a low chance of the Basenji causing an allergic reaction.

In our years as Basenji breeders, we have had many dogs and puppies pass through our family home. My son and husband unfortunately have allergies to dogs. I can honestly say that neither of them has ever had a reaction. And this should be a reassurance for others who share common interruptions such as allergies. Every person who suffers from allergies is different and can have many different reactions. You should always meet the future pet or parents of the pet you plan to welcome to your home before bringing them home. 

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and a huge commitment. Most dogs live around 15 years or sometimes more. You should ensure you do your research before bringing any animal home.

It wouldn’t be fair to the pet or your family to have to re home the pet after a short amount of time for something that could have been foreseen. Most breeders should allow you in their home, if they don’t then this should be a huge red flag to you as a potential purchaser of your new furry friend. 

If the breeder insists on meeting, you in a random location, you cannot meet the parents of your new puppy or you are not aware or where the pet has been born or raised you should steer clear of this breeder. Unfortunately, there are many puppy mills that exist and can make a lot of money from selling puppies and continue to do so if there are customers who will purchase them. The psychological effects of the first few months of the puppy’s life can have huge and long-lasting effects on the dog. They can sometimes be forced to remain in inhuman conditions and treated unfairly and inappropriately for most of their lives. 

No, it does not mean you cannot have a dog. If you suffer from allergies, although everyone’s allergies are different the Basenji could be the pet for you. But please do your research and ensure you are a good fit for the Basenji just as much as they are for you.

Any questions or comments please get in touch with me at: I would be happy to discuss how a future baby Basenji could fit in well with your family.

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