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80% of people believe that the Basenji Training is difficult, is this true?

Here you will find out the truth behind Basenji training. Don’t believe the rumors you read online! Read on to discover the best way to complete Basenji Training.

I have read many reports saying that Basenji training is difficult or Basenji’s are not very smart. There are
reports to back up both trains of thought. But I will provide my opinion to you all here.
Lots of people believe the Basenji breed is not very smart, but before learning about the
Basenji’s temperament and Basenji training, lets learn about their background first.

The Basenji’s are an ancient breed. The presence of this breed has been noted in Africa and Egypt. They were used as hunting dogs for the tribes in these early civilizations.

It wasn’t until the 1940’s that the Basenji made its way to the United States. That was when the first one was brought to America from Egypt, as a “gift from the pharaohs of the Nile.”

The Basenji is a very smart breed of dog but have an independent personality. Meaning, they
may be difficult to train if they choose that they do not want to be particularly obedient. That’s where the rumor of Basenji training difficulty comes from. Some people have given the Basenji the title of “having the affection of a dog, and temperament of a

Their stubborn independence can be a hinderance on Basenji training. But dog lovers who are
experienced or persistent with training dogs will have success with Basenji training.

Otherwise, taking your Basenji to a dog training class would be a great alternative.
A training class would also provide the benefit of socialization with other dogs and people. You
must stay one step ahead of this thinking breed while doing Basenji training for he uses his keen intelligence in clever, ways
that suit his/her own purposes. Consistent leadership is necessary.

This being said, don’t get discouraged. Basenji training is completely possible and if you keep training
lessons short and use something the Basenji enjoys like a treat or a toy. Spend some time with
your puppy when you first bring them home.

Those first few months of a puppy’s life really shape who the dog becomes later on. Bonding with them is so important in this stage. Be loving, but be firm.

Ensure you have a game plan ahead of bringing a new furry friend home. You must understand the breed’s limits and once you understand what your puppy enjoys you will be able to use this to your advantage and later on for Basenji training. If using a treat to do Basenji training then make sure to only say the command once and reward the puppy quickly after he/she performs the trick or command. Do not delay rewarding them or repeat yourself over and over. It can also be easy to teach the Basenji training habits that you do not want them to learn.

Repeating yourself will allow the Basenji to understand that they don’t really need to respond to you immediately and they will still get the treat.

Also, it’s imperative to keep the Basenji training sessions to a minimal time. The training sessions
should be related to the age of the puppy. As a young dog the Basenji training sessions should be
consistent, meaning daily, but no longer then 5-10 minutes. As the dog ages, you can gradually
increase the timing by 5 minute intervals.

You will be able to read your dogs reactions and tell when the dog has lost interest and when they are still interested in the Basenji training. Once your dog looses interest you must immediately stop or you could train the dog to do the opposite of
what you’re trying to teach them.

Basenji Training

Another tip is to start with some basic commands. Choose 2-4 commands that are important to
you. Go over these daily until the puppy has mastered them. This may take longer in some
puppies and shorter in others. Minimally, it will take a few weeks for the Basenji training to stick and the puppy to grasp the
Don’t forget about the socialization either! Most people are so focused on the Basenji training aspect
that they forget that puppy socialization is equally as important. Again, all of the actions you
take in the puppies first few months of life will shape the puppy later on.

Developing their ability to socialize with other people and dogs is important for them and you.
In closing, ensure you spend the proper time getting to know your puppies personality and the
they way they communicate with you before starting the Basenji training.

Socialize them often (after the 4 month mark of course as they won’t have a proper immune system until this point. Even though we do a lot of work with them when they’re young to ensure they develop properly it is important to keep this trajectory going well into their adult years.) One of the most important commands you can do during Basenji training is the recall command because with any dog when they get a chance to run they usually take it.

As the Basenji has a high prey drive they may take the opportunity to run if they
have it and having any tools or tips to bring them back would be helpful to you as a owner.
Putting in the time now will yield great results later on. If you would like more tips or tricks on Basenji training please email me from my website,

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Most people can’t believe it when they hear that the Basenji-bark less breed.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Basenji family and meeting you soon!