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Dog Bios

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Coco is one of our females was born in December 2020 into a litter of 7. She has been in our family since April of 2021. She is the sweetest dog we have ever been privileged to own. She is full of love, enjoys playing and running with our children and is always up for a cuddle. She’s an amazing climber and has scaled our 6 foot chain link fence many times. She loves playing and sometimes gets so excited and into it she can’t stop herself in time and often crashes into the couch. She’s a red and white Basenji and came from the USA. She is the only red and white pup in her litter so she has the ability to possibly produce black and white pups. She has had one litter of 5 pups already and was an excellent mother. Anyone who is able to own one of her pups would be lucky to do so. She is the perfect mix of energy and peace. She has unwavering love for our family and has become an integral part of our team very quickly. Our children look forward to her loving growls and wagging tail every morning. She’s not a big fan of water but has gone on a swim or two in the summertime with the kids. Coco came from an unregistered breeder so she is not a registered dog.
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Benji is one of our male dogs and comes from Russia. We have had Benji in our family home since Summer 2021. He travelled so far to be with us and is definitely one of a kind. Benji = energy. This dog has never ending energy. He absolutely loves toys and is highly driven by them. He hates being alone and often cries if his other Basenji buddies are not in view. Benji fathered the November 2021 litter with Coco and was a loving and caring father to his babies. He often curled up with them when mom needed a break. He is constantly found running and playing when he’s not cuddling. Benji loves giving kisses and we can’t walk past him without him forcing his kisses on us. The children and him have the best of times playing hours on end in the backyard. Benji hates baths and always let us know how he feels! He is a red and white Basenji and has the softest coat out of all of our fur babies. His previous litters have been lucky to have inherited this from him. Benji is a registered, purebred dog and his papers are available upon request.
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Nahla is our unique female brindle Basenji. This characteristics are difficult to find in Basenjis. She also came from Russia and travelled together with Benji although they are from different litters. She is a very quiet and calm fur baby. She is very protective of her family and loves cuddles a lot. She has spurts of energy and often her and Benji will run laps around the backyard trying to outrun each other. She loves her bones and is a strong digger. She has created many ditches in our backyard where she loves to hide all her treasures. She is very calm, collected and a deep thinker. She loves baths and often is very patient during this time and always loves a good tummy rub afterwards. She really enjoys relaxing in the sun and because of her relaxed demeanour she makes for the perfect companion for children. Nahla is a registered dog and papers can be provided upon request.
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Our newest addition to the family! Rocco is our black and white, full of energy, loves kisses, male. He can often be found running laps around his other doggie family members. His coat is probably the silkiest and softest out of all the pups, with Benji being a close second. He stands out against his red and white counterparts. We are hoping to have some tri babies from him this year. He is very friendly and loves meeting new people. Besides cuddling and kissing, his next favourite thing is probably eating. He absolutely loves his meal times and it is probably what gives him all of his energy. He was born in November 2021 and comes from another breeder in the Toronto area. He was raised on a farm with lots of other dogs and enjoys wide open spaces. We are looking forward to seeing how he grows and enjoying the open spaces this Summer, giving him a chance to reach some of the top speeds we know these guys can get up to!
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Welcome to our newest member of the family! Gigi is our sweet little girl and we can’t wait to introduce you to her! She is a tri coloured Basenji, and weighs around 20 lbs, she still has a little more growing to do! Every time we call her name she wags her tail and begins to lick us. She loves cuddles and affection and we can’t seem to walk past her without giving it to her! Tri coloured basenjis are not as common as some of the other colours so we feel lucky to have her in our family. Her counterpart is Benji, and they are best friends. They enjoy running and playing in the backyard. Toys and treats are two of Gigi’s favourite things (except for cuddles of course!) Looking forward to introducing her to you soon!