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We believe the best time for the puppies to meet your new families is 8 weeks. We have worked tirelessly with the puppies upto this point to prepare them for their new family. 

As responsible breeders, we know of all the diseases that the bred is predisposed to. Hence, we test them for the most common diseases they are prone to. Our priority lies in ensuring the long-term health of the breed. Hence, we test them for hip dysplasia, inherited eye diseases, Fanconi syndrome, thyroid issues, and many other diseases they could be exposed to. Please inquire for more information. 

We belong to multiple social media breeding groups and we consistently maintain and contribute to small breeding groups. 

The Sire and Dam go through a series of medical tests before the breeding process. This helps us cut down unwanted characteristics and negative traits in the gene line.

The primary concern with Basenjis is Fanconi and PRA. Now, we have DNA tests available to identify these problems. We have expert knowledge of the lineage’s health and ensure we righteously test any and all health concerns that are in the family profile. We only breed an optimally healthy Sire and Dam.

We speak with the other Basenji families that have clear medical records and breeding experience. Then, we check for compatibility between the sire and the dam. Thus, producing a healthy set of litter for you to choose from. We also breed our Sire and Dam with clear health records. 

We take breeding seriously and hence pre-plan everything from the start. We interview prospective families and create a list of candidates that are good fit for our Basenji pup in Canada. Check out our upcoming litters.

Basenji puppies are ready to leave for their forever home only after 8 weeks with the dam. This enables the Basenji puppies to learn canine communication skills and other desirable characteristics.

We understand that Basenji puppies need a healthy amount of socialization. We socialize our puppies after 3 weeks , this is a safe age for them to begin socialization. We socialize them with other animals in our home and our children and other family members. 

A puppy that isn’t neutered/spayed doesn’t always make the best companion dog. They have heightened territorial behaviour and hence can be troublesome to handle. They can also pose a threat to the secure breeding practices of the breed. Every family is required to sign a spay & neuter contract ensuring that the puppies will be spayed / neutered at six months.  You will be required to show proof within 2 weeks after surgery date. 

Yes! We understand that a contract can be a useful document in many cases. It can also assure you that we will be happy to take the puppy back if you cannot care for it. Every Family  will find a bill of sale before taking ownership of their puppy. 

The average cost of pure breed Basenji puppies can range from $4000 to $5000. However, you can contact us to know the exact pricing and what influences it.

Absolutely! We make available Basenji pups all throughout the Greater Toronto Areas and the rest of Canada. Contact us to arrange pickup. We also deliver to the airport. 

Email me your application or get in contact with us to discuss.  Later, we can schedule a video / interview or in person visit to determine eligibility.  Call us today to see the dogs and leave a deposit.