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Africanadian Basenjis in Canada
I am so happy to be writing that we have FINALLY found our best friend because of A Girl’s Best Friends Pups! Throughout the entire pregnancy and birth I was constantly informed of the puppies progress with photos, text messages, and social media updates. I am so happy to have found A Girl’s Best Friend Pups and because of them we finally have our furry friend, Stella. I can’t recommend them enough. Now we are thinking of getting another friend for our little girl. I know we will have an amazing second puppy just like our first one! You won’t regret trusting AGBFP!
John Smith
Basenji breeders
I was a little apprehensive at first to trust A Girl’s Best Friend Pups because of all the scammers out there. It is really hard to find a Basenji that is available within Canada, let alone from a breeder who truly cares about the dogs and puppies as though they’re her family. We have now become so close with our breeder and A Girl’s Best Friend Pups family that we feel as though we have known each other for years. We would not hesitate to recommend A Girl’s Best Friend Pups to our friends and family, and in fact we have! This is hands down the best breeder within Canada!
Rick Wendy
basenji breeders near me
My wife was the first to stumble across A Girl’s Best Friend Pups. When she told me that we may have the chance to own a Basenji…FINALLY! I didn’t believe it. We have been on multiple wait lists for years now but with the demand of Covid and everyone wanting a puppy the chances of us actually getting a Basenji were slim. Our dreams were finally made a reality when we met our breeder and got to learn more about her and her breeding business. A few months later and we can now say we are the proud owners of a beautiful little boy named Ryder. He is the perfect mix of energy and serenity. We love him more than we thought we ever could. We know a lot of a dogs personality comes from the way it was raised, and we know that at A Girl’s Best Friend Pups each and every pup is raised with love and compassion. They are all raised in a family home with children and other pets and transition amazingly when they’re introduced to their “furever” home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to A Best Friend Girl’s Pups today, you’ll be happy you did, we were!
Alex White

We were kept in the loop for every second of this experience. The breeder was thorough and thoughtful in all of our dealings. She was accommodating and helpful and we ended up with the most beautiful, healthy pup. You could tell there was genuine love for all the puppies in the litter and that they wanted good, loving homes for all of them. We would absolutely purchase another puppy from her and most likely will! Four paws up🐾🐾

J Dub

Absolutely love my Woofer! Could not have asked for a better experience, and peace of mind. I read a lot of puppy training books before getting my basenji, and the main point they all made was make sure the breeder is good and the puppies first 2 months are done right. Well Farah definitely checked all the boxes and more. She was wonderful before, during and after getting my baby woofer. Farah definitely helped me get a loyal true best friend, who I love and cherish every waking moment.

P.S Basenjis are like the best dog you could possibly get 😍

Talal Seikhe

I got in contact with Farah from AGBFP months before their dog was pregnant. She contacted me right away when there was an expected pregnancy and kept me posted every step of the way leading up to the birth and the 8 weeks before I could meet the little guy. He is PERFECT and I have Farah to her family to thank, you can tell they care a great deal about their puppies. She was very communicative and helpful with any questions I had, I highly recommend getting a basenji from them. Thank you AGBFP!

Louis Lim

We are so happy with our sweet pup!:)
It was obvious from our first meeting that Farah loves her dogs! She is kind, helpful, knowledgeable and really knows what to do to raise great dogs!

She answered so many questions, and is very responsive in all of our correspondence. She is so organized and had all the documents & information that we needed ready and available.

The dogs are bred & raised in a great atmosphere: family friendly, spacious, loving & well socialized.
We are so happy to have found A Girl’s Best Friend Pups!

Hillary Barnett

Thank you so much to Farah for being such a wonderful, engaged breeder! We were so happy with how caring Farah was for the pups and parents, always puting the health and safety of the dogs first. She has lots of experience, and it shows. Our basenji has had the best tempermant thanks to the parents being so sweet. Couldn’t recommend Farah more!

Liam Moore

Dealing with Farah has been great. Purchasing a puppy without being able to meet them in person can be stressful, but she kept me in the loop every step of the way and ensured our puppy travelled to us safely and on time. She answered all our questions and regularly sent photo updates and offered video calls. I would certainly get another puppy from A Girl’s Best Friend Pup 🙂

Amber Tucker

We had an amazing experience from start to finish with Farah and our new pup. Farah was super responsive, provided detailed information and above all, has so much love for the dogs and pups that she breeds. This is evident by her attention to detail when preparing the pup to come to its new home. She had all of the paperwork organized for us well in advance and provided us with all of the information we needed to be successful. We had our pup shipped to us as we live in a different province and Farah made this stressful situation seemless. We are so happy with the pup we welcomed into our home, she is so sweet and you can tell she came from a loving home. She fit right in, adjusted well and received a clean bill of health from the vet (who was obsessed with her cuteness!). We can’t say enough good things about Farah and the quality of dogs she breeds. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Farah, she and her pups are one of a kind!

Janet Esquivel

I had the privilege of purchasing a Basenji from Farah who is such a professional, kind , knowledgeable, person. The whole process went smoothly from beginning to end. Farah kept in touch with us and sent us pictures and updates all along the process as well as valuable information. Her Basenjis tick all the boxes that need to be ticked when acquiring a pure breed dog like a Basenji. Basenjis are awesome dogs!

Thank you Farah ! You might see us again for another one !

George and Judith (Roumz with a View)